понеделник, 18 януари 2010 г.

AMATERAS Annual Paper Art Exhibition 2010

The Art Studio AMATERAS in Sofia, Bulgaria, in partnership with CARTASIA, Italy, has the pleasure to launch series of international paper art events, first in Bulgaria and Italy, and afterwards in other countries.

After its successful first edition, showing 150 paper art works from 17 countries, the Art Studio AMATERAS has pleasure to announce this year’s exhibition/competition for paper art in 2D and 3D, created by artists from all over the world without restrictions of techniques, styles or materials. This exhibition is for small paper works (2D - no larger than A4 size and 3D no bigger than 15/15/20cm) and will be held from June 4 – July 4, 2009 at Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. An international jury of selection will award cash prizes for AMATERAS - Best of Show Award, Young Artist Award, Innovation Award and Bulgarian Artist Award. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2010.

For more information and entry forms please see our website: www.amateras.eu

Or contact Daniela Todorova at: paperart@amateras.eu