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На 5 април 2018 г. в Галерия Йордан Кювлиев – Сливен ще се открие изложба живопис на Пенка Димитрова - Дамбулова и Недко Недков от Добрич.
През 1994 г. е първата им съвместна изложба и от тогава са творчески свързани с участия в изложби, пленери по живопис и симпозиуми „Хартията“ в страната и чужбина. Изложбата включва живописни творби от последните години.
Пенка Димитрова - Дамбулова завършва Художествена гимназия в Казанлък, а през 1981 г. ВТУ“Св. Св.Кирил и Методий“, специалност стенопис при проф. Н. Гелов.
Недко Недков завършва 1993 г. ВТУ“Св. Св.Кирил и Методий“, специалност графика при проф. М. Бумов.

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Contempo 4 - weekend for contemporary art, Varna, Bulgaria 15-17 april 2011

Contempo 4 - weekend for contemporary art, Varna, Bulgaria 15-17 april 2011 Contempo is a short term art event held in Varna in private galleries, public culture institutions and alternative places and it presents art works in field of contemporary arts made basically from artists under 35. Out of age limits are special invited guests and some co-curators projects. The main goal of contempo- weekend is to present in dynamic form the picture of contemporary art tendencies and new media language, also we like to give opportunity to audience to be in time. Contempo is an idea of Raya Georgieva /1978 - 2009/.She is the young artist from Varna who passed away in 2009 the foundation based in honor of her name in 2010 is main organizer of contempo. The partners are the association for culture management Sea Blue, young informal group Amorfa, Bulart gallery, radio Varna and culture journalists Boryana Todorova /Narodno delo newspaper/,Elena Vladova / urban mag/ and Antonya Yovcheva /TV Cherno more/. Curator of contempo is Dora Doncheva- Bulart. For this 3 art days have more of 20 openings, presentations, music sets and multimedia projects. The focus of contempo is in creative researches of young art generation and the problems of present men - urbanization, identification, globalization, save of nature, transexuality, inner human world etc. Installation, video art, performance, experimental photography, painting, sculpture, street art etc are just a part of tools for this art dialogue and we all are very open for surprises. In past three editions of contempo we had all most of 10 000 people visitors and we had presented more of 60 art projects - solo and under curatorial frames, made by artists from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Canada, Poland etc. We want to create also a date base for young artists -local and international and contempo -weekend to be a platform for exchange of artistic energy and ideas. Also we give good possibilities for curators, gallerists and culture field professionals experts to follow the wind and to be in time about new names in the art scene . Contempo is no commercial forum. You can see the past editions in : www.contempo2010.blogspot.com

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Various traditional ways of hand papermaking

Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional papers made from the long inner fibres of three plants, wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper.

Saa Papermaking

Handmade Paper Mill in central Europe

The old working machine for manufacturing paper.
Museum of crafts in Hagen, Germany.

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